Senior Results Analyst

Teddington, UK
Epsilon Associate since June 2008

Epsilon is one of the best companies to work for, largely in part because we’re surrounded by great people. Epsilon is made up of people from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of experiences. The ability to work between various teams and build strong internal relationships is important for all of us. I consider a number of the people I work with close friends now, rather than just colleagues. It is extremely important to work well in a team setting for this job, and at Epsilon in general. There needs to be a lot of communication between employees and sharing of opinions.

My current role is widely varied, and it is so satisfying to see the decisions I have made yielding positive results for both Epsilon, in terms of increased revenue, and also for the client. It is a great step into the world of modeling and analytics. In my department, we get to suggest and then build models for our clients, and then see the results when we run the analysis after the campaign has finished. As a Senior Modeling Analyst, I attend meetings with clients to discuss ideas and strategies and to review results. In my role, I work on a variety of analysis which allows me to effectively problem solve.

The most rewarding part of working at Epsilon is meeting clients who are passionate about their businesses. We deal with some of the biggest catalogue companies in the UK, and also new, small businesses who are mailing their very first catalogue. It is immensely satisfying to meet the smaller clients and see how our expertise helps them grow their business faster than they thought possible.

I’ve developed a tremendous amount, not only in my current role, but also since joining Epsilon in the Production Department just after University. This was my first proper “office” job! Since then, I have learned a great deal about prioritizing workloads and have improved my attention to detail. In the past, I would have gone out of my way to avoid confrontations, but now I have learned how to have difficult conversations in a positive, logical way. I think I have matured a lot, not only by obtaining corporate experience, but also by dealing with a vast variety of different people – colleagues and clients – that I otherwise wouldn’t have.


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