Soren, Director, Strategic Consulting

New York, NY
Epsilon Associate since October 2007

Epsilon has provided me with a wealth of opportunities to grow, develop and change my career. Being faced with challenges and overcoming them is crucial to the success of any organization, but in some cases, new challenges are hard to come by. After some time with Epsilon, I was contemplating a career change. However, I was fortunate enough to partner with my leaders and Human Resources representative to move into a completely new area, providing me with just the change I was looking for, while continuing my career at Epsilon! Epsilon has done an excellent job in providing me with the opportunity to delve into new and exciting challenges as my role has evolved, and has afforded me with many rewarding and multi-faceted experiences.

By seeing something within me that could help solve a new and different problem, and by allowing me to pursue a new path and grow in a new direction, Epsilon has empowered me to be a stronger individual and a greater part of the larger Epsilon team. Not only do I feel that I have been given the opportunity to grow, but I feel that I have grown, changed and learned a great deal through the experiences I’ve had at Epsilon.

Understanding that a career is built over the long haul and not by the flick of a switch overnight, I have become a better team player, leader, and more valuable asset both to Epsilon as well as to the rest of the world. Epsilon has given me the tools to succeed, grow and learn; and I have done all three.


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