New York, NY
Epsilon Associate since July 2007

When I applied to work at Epsilon, I had zero experience in the technology field and never thought I would be interested in anything having to do with a digital space. Had I not joined Epsilon at a young age, I think I would have avoided working in a technically focused role altogether. But, I’m a very organized person, and that holds me in good stead for this position because as an Account Manager, I’m interacting with my main contact, their associates, third party agencies, Epsilon associates from various teams, and the other members of my account team. There’s a lot of moving parts! From the skills that I’ve gathered while working as an Account Manager, I think the next phase of my career would be working on the client side of things and being a more integral part of the marketing decisions. Currently, I provide recommendations and help guide my clients, but I think I’d enjoy working in more of a behavioral targeted position for a client – helping them to learn more about their customers and manage their database.

I enjoy working in Client Services because in my role, every day is different! Some days are spent on strategy, while others are filled with project scoping or administrative responsibilities. The most challenging part of my day is prioritizing the high importance items, for Epsilon and our clients. My clients look to me to be the subject matter expert in the email digital space and value my opinions and recommendations. That gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride in myself and in what Epsilon delivers to our clients.

For potential candidates who are interested in working at Epsilon, I would say to them: Sometimes your day goes better than you anticipated, and other days you get fiery curve balls thrown at you. But no matter what, you will have the privilege of working for interesting clients and with a team of associates that will share in your joys and frustrations. If you’ve never worked in a technical job before, don’t fret, because at Epsilon you will find an environment where you are supported, and you learn as you go. The results are that you will find you are capable of things you never knew you could do!