Lafayette, CO

Epsilon Associate since June 2005

Epsilon offers a fast paced, exciting work environment with the opportunity to quickly grow and develop new skill sets. The company is made up of extremely dedicated and professional individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This do-what-it-takes attitude is rewarded with tremendous opportunities for career growth and personal development. There are so many opportunities to learn new skills from others within the organization. I’ve been amazed during my time here, how I have been able to leverage a connection or idea from a training class or interdepartmental meeting to further grow in my role or develop my team. There are so many knowledgeable people within the organization who are always willing to take time out.

The work my team supports is extremely fast paced and requires attention to detail to achieve client satisfaction. The team I support deploys over 3,500 email messages per month and reaches millions of consumers. Chances are, you have been on the receiving end of our work done on behalf of our clients. On a daily basis, I am challenged with maintaining a high quality production rate while ensuring resources are properly allocated to successfully support client needs. There are many opportunities within my position to impact change and to deliver quality for our clients. Plus, my role is extremely fast paced and offers a great variety, so there is never a dull moment.

My interactions with clients occur at the onset of new business as we are establishing a client relationship, during process and procedural discussions, or when an issue or challenge arises. I think the most rewarding parts of my interactions are being able to build relationships with clients and being able to help them reach one of their business goals, while leaving them with a positive experience even during challenging times.

I have the opportunity to work with a diverse, innovative and talented group of associates and an equally diverse client base. I am consistently being presented with new challenges and developing new skills. I am always learning something new, and I have the opportunity to wear many hats. Mix in a large client base across industry verticals and you never know what the day will bring. I really enjoy that at Epsilon, there’s a new challenge around every corner.



Ryan, Vice President,

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